There are few walks of life that share as many core values as do those of the Athlete and the Soldier—or a sea-savvy Coastie, as is the case here. Brother & sisterhood, blood, sweat, tears, determination–these are the obvious connections. How bout the one between an Athlete and an Artist?

More to the point: The bodybuilding Athlete and the Photographer both have a deep appreciation for the Art of the Human Form. Ya know, da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, or Michelangelo’s David? Do you aim for such lofty company in your world? Atlas, perhaps?

The wonderful thing about Art is it can be done any time and any place. I know how important it is to stay in peak condition; we’ll work around your schedule in the studio or in the gym. I’ve even been known to venture into the woods if you’d like to tumble boulders and heft timber. Let my Art help express yours.

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Behind you lies the world that made you who you are right now; ahead of you lies a dense forest–its various sets of intermingling paths are so stupid-packed with metaphor that I won’t waste your time with it. Someone else will, surely. These are the paths that will continue to build on your character, and will make you whomever you want to be.

That is the moment we want to encapsulate right now, and that is where I come in to shine.

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Some words about the artist, from the author:

If memory serves, Andrew earned a nickname around the island of Puerto Rico while stationed there ages ago. The nickname was “the Mayor,” that is if he didn’t mistranslate something more accurate, but there aren’t many more accurate words left.

They called him the Mayor because he can walk into any room, any setting, any cartel drug-deal-gone-souther, and immediately make friends whether or not anyone was looking for a new one.

Photography, like any real work, is so much easier and so much more enjoyable when things are laid back and everyone is comfortable. I don’t know about you, but standing downrange is not my preferred position in any context.

Simply, Andrew makes existing in front of the camera as easy as he makes the photos look magical from behind it. He pulls the soul from your soul–but don’t worry, it’ll be fine and we’ll give it right back.

The dude pours his every ounce into every thing that he loves, of which there are many, and among them are photography and all that it encompasses. He’s a good dude and a real, real creative son-of-a-gun, and one that countless are proud to know and work with.


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